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SUNON SAS - всемирно известный производитель надежных малошумных вентиляторов.

Company Sunon – the world's leading  manufacturer of cooling devices,  offers  effective solutions for various tasks.  
- mobile devices
- LED lightening
- network hardware
- industrial automation
- desktop PCs and monoblocks
- automotive industry
- refrigeration equipment
- medical devices
- telecommunications
- power electronics
Sunon - fans with an optimal ratio of price and quality from a manufacturer with a worldwide reputation. Reliability which was confirmed by our customers. There is a huge choice of sizes from 8х8 mm to 256 mm. High performance with low level of noise and low power consumption. Sunon has designed special bearing system Magnetic Levitation System – MLS and Vаро bearing, which are used along with ball and sleeve bearing. Life time of sleeve bearing is from 30000 to 50000 hours, ball bearing is from 45000...60000h, Vapo+MLS – more than 100000h. Sunon has special solutions for effective prevention of the mechanisms from dust. In the production of fans with a level of dust and moisture protection IP68 the innovative developments in the field of protection are being used in accordance with GR487 standard. Development and production of cooling systems according to the customer's specifications and demand.
DC Fans
AC Fans
EC Fans
Fan Tray
Cooling for LED
Accessories for fans

Buying Sunon products from the official distributor TD Discon you will get:

- Guarantee of origin and quality of the products.

- The largest warehouse of fan and accessories Sunon in Ukraine.

- Long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with customers in Ukraine.

- Support of constatnt sock of products according to the demand of the manufacturers.

- Assistance in the selection of the optimal model of the fan according to the parameters and the technical requirements of the customer.

- Great experience in replacing more expensive German solutions into more affordable and at the same time quality fans Sunon.

For your convenience, we offer downloading product catalogs Sunon.

"TD" Discon" Ltd "expands dealer network! We propose great opportunity to become a dealer of Sunon products in Ukraine. We offer mutually beneficial conditions for each of our customers and partners! To get detailed consultation, as well as answers to all the questions, you can contact to the brand manager for Sunon products:

Olga Pyatakova: +380 (44) 359-05-04 (extension number 201)
Skype: o_pyatakova
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